How to Add Adsense Parser code on Blogger theme

Adsense parser code is the tool used to convert HTML into XML language easily understandable by blogger platform. This Parser code is used to convert scripts form any advertising network that needed to be placed in blogger HTML.

The Adsense Parser code convert ads code into following characters;

‘<‘ becomes ‘&lt;’

‘>’ becomes ‘&gt;’

‘”‘ (double quote) becomes ‘&quot;’

”’ (single quote) becomes ‘&#039;’

‘&’ becomes ‘&amp;’

Learn in here step by step on how to add this parse to a blog;

1.    Create page on your blogger dashboard

2.      Paste below codes into your page html post editor, then save

<textarea name=”data1″ style=”width: 590px; height: 200px”></textarea>
<input class=”tec2″ type=”button” value=”Convert” onclick=”html2entities(this.form.data1)” onmouseout=”this.className=’tec2′” onmouseover=”this.className=’tec2 tec2hov'”>
<input class=”tec2″ type=”reset” value=”Clear” onmouseout=”this.className=’tec2′” onmouseover=”this.className=’tec2 tec2hov'”>

3. Go to blogger dashboard then go to theme section then click edit HTML

4. Click inside then hold Ctrl + F button to get search box within HTML

5. Add below codes just above  </head>

 <script type='text/javascript'>
function html2entities(){var a=/[<>"'&]/g;for(i=0;i<arguments.length;i++)arguments[i].value=arguments[i].value.replace(a,function(a){return replacechar(a)})}function replacechar(a){if("<"==a)return"<";if(">"==a)return">";if('"'==a)return""";if("'"==a)return"'";if("&"==a)return"&"};

6. Add below codes just above  ]]></b:skin>

input.tec2{background:none repeat scroll 0 0 #888;border:1px dotted #888;color:#FFF;font:bold 13px ‘trebuchet ms’,helvetica,sans-serif}
input.tec2hov{background:none repeat scroll 0 0 #aaa;border:1px dotted #aaa;color:#FFF;font:bold 13px ‘trebuchet ms’,helvetica,sans-serif}
textarea{width:100%;color:#3D72C0;font:14px verdana;background:#fff;border:1px dotted #ff0000}
textarea:hover{border:1px dotted #222}

7. Save your theme, then go to a Adsense Parser code page insert any ads code convert and you will find everything works fine just like charm

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