Resolving ‘Failed To Open Stream: Permission Denied’ in /opt/lampp/htdocs

Ensuring the correct permissions for executing and writing to folders is crucial for the smooth operation of XAMPP when creating a development server on your PC. This issue is often encountered on Linux distributions such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, and others. The error occurs when attempting to execute code within the /opt directory … Read more

Guide to Installing WordPress on a Computer with XAMPP

Installing WordPress on a Windows computer using XAMPP offers greater ease compared to other operating systems, as alternative distributions often require installation in dedicated directories that demand root user access. XAMPP stands out as the essential tool for seamlessly running this popular CMS and other PHP-based sites. Its integration of APACHE, PHP, and MySQL simplifies … Read more

How to Implement In-Article Adsense Ads on a Blogger’s Theme

Implementing an in-article AdSense ad on a Blogger’s theme involves specific configuration within the HTML document to ensure its appearance on the front-end. In-article ads are particularly valuable for Adsense users due to their higher Click-Through Rates (CTR), attributed to their integration with content. Google has outlined specific implementation guidelines for these ads, recommending placement … Read more

5 Best WordPress SEO plugins for better ranking

5 Best WordPress SEO plugins for better ranking

WordPress SEO plugins are very important for both post optimization as well site ranking they tells search engines on what content type are. Not only search engine visibility, also help new web owners to compete with premium websites on both traffic and authority. If you are using WordPress platform, then SEO plugins are vital role … Read more

6 Best Magazine WordPress Themes 2024

7 Top fastest loading magazine WordPress themes 2024

WordPress is the most used blogging platform all over the world because it easy than others in-term of coding and set-up. WordPress has many themes than any other platform, beautiful with many styles enough to convince any new publisher starting blogging with them. Blogging use both block editor as well classic editor which is best … Read more

3 Best Managed WordPress hosting for Premium websites

3 Best Managed WordPress hosting for Premium websites

Managed WordPress created with powerful environment scalable for higher traffic, strong security than traditional hosting. WordPress is the most CMS platform used by majority of websites around the world because its programming languages are easy than the rest one, which make it easy for developer to create themes, plugins and others. Furthermore, WordPress publishing tools … Read more