Tips for Getting Fast Approved Adsense Account

Adsense is one among of the best advertising networks for site monetazation. It’s still the top highest paid advertising network for CPC model all over the world with higher rates almost all countries.

Adsense is the advertising network owned by Google. Google pays billions of money every mouthy to publishers around the world with higher rates than any other ad networks and still grows daily due to advancement of online technology.

It is important to understand that Google are very smart and they are always keep their platform in such way that could be beneficial for both publishers and advertisers by imposing some strict laws for implementation.

These are the Requirements for getting fast Approved Adsense Account;

Site Requirement

Adsense approve blog or site with original content, safe from all visitors. This network does not approve site or blog contains abusive content such as adult, drugs, promotion of alcohol, racial discrimination, illegal downloads, copyright materials, school materials and selling content.

Content Requirement

Adsense approves site with long content, higher text, less images and videos. Adsense approves site with at-least 20 posts, long text content minimum average 300-500 words.

Theme Requirement

It is important to use best theme on request their account, well designed and full functioned coding. Well designed theme layout will ensure adsense robots crawl your site easily and detect recommended content at the right time. Don’t request Adsense account when your site is under maintenance or not full-functioned.

Traffic Requirement

Adsense robots will able to detect site requirements through impression on your site during requesting time. It is important to keep work during requesting time to keep your site live for Adsense to detect site content and all requirements as guided

Final Thought: Getting fast adsense account is not hard work as others say, but it will be harder if you don’t follow above guidance during requesting time. It is important to apply for it atleast 10 days or more after your project establishment to get fast approved. You should also connect to search console and analytics services before starting your web publishing.

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