How to solve pending download on play store for Infinix & Tecno Phones

This article assist on solving pending download problem on Google play store for Infinix and Tecno smart phones.

This solution also work perfect for other Android phones that stuck on downloading problem with important note to take.

First of all, you have to understand the reason behind the problem, and second on how to solve it and make sure it won’t happens again.

Pending download problems in play store caused by outdated software and patch, resulting into disabled download feature on Android for security reason.

As you know, outdated software might cause phone to brick due to security loophole woes and other negative results, so Google automatically disable this feature to make sure it only works for updated software.

To solve this problem, then you have to keep android software updated with current patches, then the problem automatically lift.

To do that, you have to follow these steps;

1. Go settings on your Android phone

2. Go to System => System update => ONLINE UPDATE, click it.

3. Make sure your phone is connected to internet during these processes.

4. Choose use cellular or WiFi to update your system.

6. Restart phone after updates

7. Do above process again and again to fetch new updates until there is nothing left.

8. Done, go to your play store and enjoy the downloads.

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