How to solve “Insufficient Storage” error on Android Devices

The “Insufficient storage” error prompted on Android devices for phones or tablets with low storage capacity that handle applications.

This error persists on these devices when you try to update applications or install another application while storage is not full.

In Android device, there is system storage which is used for operating system with its application, and raw storage which used for saving files such as audios, videos and much more.

The system storage is the one that is affected with “Insufficient Storage” error on Android devices which is also caused by RAM capacity.

Before going direct to solution, there are things that you have to understand first to tackle another case by understand causes of that error!

Causes of that error

First thing you have to understand that this problem does not includes internal or external storage of your phone, but it includes RAM spec of your Brand. RAM is important to phone because it store applications that user of phone decide to run, but must be corresponding to its capability. For above note it means that the higher RAM you have, the more space of programs to be stored and vice versa is true. For this reason, it means that error often caused by lower RAM to handle programs. This error is common to those Android phone with 1GB RAM. Play Store only allow installation of programs that does not exceed RAM capability due to limitation of Application storage.


Use alternative way by Downloading desired application direct to a browser. Don’t force Play Store to download because it won’t change due to RAM specs

Buy new Android phone with high RAM capacity such as 3 or 4 GB or higher

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