5 Best Linux distros with its uses and capability 2024

This guide ranks the top 5 Linux distributions ideal for power users, focusing on their unique features, customization capabilities, and performance.

‌‌Linux is a free and open-source Unix-based operating system. As a result of Linux’s security and flexibility, its use is gaining a great deal of attention these days. A Linux distro is an operating system that relies on the Linux kernel.‌‌

Linux Mint – best for user-interface

Linux Mint is a widespread Linux distribution. A wide range of free and open-source packages can be found in this collaborative Linux distribution. It is user-friendly with an interactive User Interface. ‌‌

The Linux Mint operating system and much of its software are designed in Python. Some packages are shared between Mint and Ubuntu since both use Ubuntu’s repository software. Instead of Ubuntu’s unity desktop environment, it uses cinnamon and mate desktops.‌‌

Media codecs and proprietary software were lacking from Ubuntu, so Mint gained a lot of traction. A popular desktop environment called Cinnamon comes with Linux Mint. ‌‌

Ubuntu – Best Linux Distro For Beginners

Ubuntu, based on Debian, is perhaps the most popular Linux distro. It’s user-friendly, making it a good choice for those transitioning from Windows or MacOS, but it doesn’t skimp on power under the hood. The availability of Ubuntu-specific software and strong community support are significant pluses. Personally, I find it a bit too mainstream, but its popularity is well deserved.

Kali Linux – Best For Security Programmers

Kali Linux (formerly BackTrack Linux) was built on the Debian operating system, designed for sophisticated penetration testing and security auditing — the perfect combination for cybersecurity programmers. Its numerous tools are geared toward information security activities, including reverse engineering, computer forensics, penetration testing, and security research.

Fedora – Best for Server Programmers

Fedora OS is a very steadfast and long-lasting operating system. It enriches the security of this operating system. It proffers numerous graphical tools. ‌‌

This operating system updates automatically. This OS supports many file formats. It also offers a lot of educational software. It sustains a large community.

The Fedora Linux distribution prioritizes giving desktop and laptop computer users access to free software with a strong focus. Installing proprietary graphics drivers can be done with the help of third-party repositories.

Manjaro – Best for Programmers

Manjaro is essentially a more user-friendly version of Arch Linux. It’s easy to operate, requiring limited effort to install.

This distro includes Pamac and Octopi by default in Manjaro, allowing software installation with a graphical user interface. Our take? Manjaro is the best Linux distro for developers because of its many customizable tools. Some also say it’s the best Linux for programmers at an intermediate level, specifically.

Installing proprietary drivers with Manjaro isn’t too difficult because it quickly detects the hardware. Manjaro is for everyone, including regular users looking to get things done or developers looking for a productive environment.

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