Employer.3. Importance of Labour Laws for Employers


Welcome to our forum today as we share the diverse knowledge relating to the labour laws and practice. Previously, we have discussed about what makes you or a person an employer. We have gone through the definition and some factors that can make a person or entity an employer. Today we need to go further and see the reasons behind for employers to know all about labour laws.

Employers Experience

Labour laws are the laws that regulate the relationship between employers and employees.

Some of the employers know nothing about labour law next to hiring and firing of the employees. Employers concentrate much on their business without taking consideration on the people they are working with for achieving the goals of the business. Employers need to change the perception from viewing employees as steps to reach their goals but rather as partners in business.

Importance of labour law for Employers

Knowledge of labour laws for the employer is indispensable given the current situation on the laws and practice in the labour industry. An employer without proper knowledge and skill of applying labour laws is about to suffer lots of problems.

It is important for an employer to be conversant with the labour laws for following reasons

  • Employers rights; employers have rights under the labour law just like the employees. It has been the employers complaints most of the cases as the labour laws are in favour of the employees, this is because employers do not bother to understand their rights.
  • Employers obligations; under the labour laws employers have duty towards the employees and the Government authorities. Duties of employers are confined in the labour laws, knowledge of the laws therefore is must for an employer to discharge the obligations under the law.
  • How to deal with employees; it is important for employers to have the necessary skills on how to handle employees actions and behaviour at workplace. The labour laws provides for the ways on how an employer can deal with the conduct of employees.
  • Offences and penalties; again failure to observe or comply with some of the provisions of the labour laws may attract punishment from the authorities. Most of the employers do not know that some provisions of labour law are criminalised and therefore breach of the same may attract imprisonment term or fine.

Therefore, an employer is duty bound to make sure that he is conversant with the labour laws and its application so as to avoid unnecessary problems in labour practice. Most of the employer’s problems can be prevented by simply adhering to the relevant laws in place at particular time.

Being a member of this Forum can avail the employer with opportunity to study and proper apply the labour laws in workplace.


Isaack Zake, Advocate

Director of Legal and Public Relations – TAACIME

Isaack Zake an Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania, he is passionate in pursuing matters in relation to labour and Human Resource Management and has been labour lawyer practitioner at various areas of practice such as FIBUCA Trade Union, Commission for Mediation and Arbitration, Labour Court of Tanzania and Labour Office at the Ministry of the Labour Affairs. Mr. Isaack is also a founder of www.ulizasheria.co.tz

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