How to create bootable USB drive by using Rufus

Creating bootable USB drive using Rufus is very simple compared to other tools, free from charge and it support almost all Operating systems.

For creating bootable USB drive require the following tools

  1. An empty USB stick, flash drive
  2. OS such as Windows OR Linux OS or Other
  3. Rufus program

For creation of bootable USB drive, these are steps to accomplish it;

1. Now go to the third option available on the Rufus utility called “Image Option”. Select on the dropdown to Standard Windows Installation. Go to the partition option and select GPT. Click on the Volume Label and type the name of the USB drive as you like.

2. Keep all the rest options as it is and click on the Start button. You will see a warning come up on the screen which says all data on the flash drive will be wiped, so make sure you click on the OK button.

3. Wait for the USB drive to get created. You can check on the Status section to stay updated on how much the installation has been completed.

4. Once the USB drive is completed, insert the USB drive on the computer you are looking to install the OS and reboot the system. This will start up the installation process. Proceed ahead, and your OS will be installed in a very short time.

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