How to verify identity on Adsense account within a 5 minute

Adsense verification is required before getting account approved with tow steps, which are identity and address verification.

On 2019, Google introduced identity verification which can take up within 5 minutes or more then following with address verification(Pin verification).

Identity verification is the easiest way but all publisher should follow the following steps for speed up the verification process in just 5 minutes;

Set Google account info

For verification to be fast, there must match between Adsense account information (Payment info & user info) as well Google account info. Details required to be match for this step are names, for that matter if you use three names on applying Adsense, then the same details must match on Google account names the same as if you use two names.

Upload front ID photo

Upload identity photo for final step. Identity photo should be Government ID card such as national ID or Driver License or Passport. The ID must contain names match Adsense names as the same Google account names. The uploaded photo should be clear and must be landscape not portrait so as to be visible for Adsense robots to detect, read and verify.

Submit the ID photo

After completing above step you have to follow verification link on Adsense panel which will direct you to verification area, upload the ID photo, then click submit. After submit the photo ID within the 5 minutes you will receive update verification and everything is done.

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