How to Stop Windows 10/11 from automatic updates

By default, Windows 10/11 is automatically downloading and install updates for keeping PC from threats and fixing bugs emerged from previous build.

This article contains clear steps on how to stop Windows 10 from automatic updates. Windows update is one among of important feature to keep your operating system from collapse or bugs.

Microsoft Company decided to set Windows 10/11 from automatically updates to maintain their reputations.

Microsoft company turn on this feature automatically to make sure that their OS stays for long make it durable and freely from collapse.

To keep windows from updates is the best option to any PC’s user, but it is not necessary to keep it automatically unless you have an extra mbs often, but not suitable to any one that’s why I’m going to show you on how to turn off this feature in order to save your data.

How to Stop Windows 10/11 from automatic updates

Steps to turn off Windows 10 from automatic updates;

For Windows 10

1. Press Win+R to pop Run search box

2. Enter word “gpedit.msc” inside Run search box then click Enter or OK to open Local Group Policy Editor

3. Go to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates, then click

4. Go to Administrative Templates/Windows Components, then click

5. Go to Windows Components/Windows Updates, then click

6. Go to Windows Updates/Configure Automatic Updates; will be not configure for those who not turn off updates

7. Click it then configure as follow

On top select configure, and on option tab choose of updating option select then change from 4 up to 2 which is labeled “Notify for download and notify for install”

8. Click apply then save it and close all tabs restart your computer

9. Everything will work fine and windows will notify you on any updates and you will decide to download and install anytime.

NB; This work fine for all premium Windows 10 especially Enterprise

For Windows 11

1. Repeat above instruction from Windows 10

2. Go to Network => Ethernet ( choose active one ) => Properties

3. Tick data saver within properties.

4. Done,

NB: This will only stop many updates features, but important updates will be installed automatically which is at least a best solution to save data.

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